R ~Writing is an endeavor fraught with thankless, slogging work. It rarely draws people who are 1) faint of heart, 2) in it for the money, or 3) have a low tolerance for psychological pain. There are, however, some awesome perks.

You need to read these Etsy write-ups. Shannon may have taken . . . ahem . . . some creative liberties with these descriptions. And it’s wonderful. (Each one links to its own listing. See how easy that is?)

The pendants were made from gluing and framing Magic the Gathering cards, and to those of you who are MTG experts, they were chosen for their artistic value instead of how excited you’d be if you drew it out of the deck, because I JUST SAW A CARD FOR SALE FOR $50,000 and that will not be cut up or made into a pendant. (Sorry, Black Lotus fans…)